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June 11, 2024

Dear Church family,

Sunday morning, we welcomed Indigo Rosenkranz to our membership upon her profession of faith in Christ and as a candidate for believer’s baptism. Her parents are Ian and Sarah Rosenkranz. It is so exciting to see children put their faith and trust in Christ knowing they will be nurtured in their faith by parents and a loving church family.

This Saturday at 6 pm we will be showing the movie, The Hill, in our Worship Center. On Sunday morning, Ricky Hill, the subject of the movie, will share his testimony in both services. I want to share a disclaimer about the movie. Like most underdog sports films, the movie is predictable yet tells a meaningful story about family ties, reconciliation, and overcoming adversity. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has rated this movie PG with an overall rating of A-. The Hill was rated for thematic content, language, and smoking throughout. There are some scenes with brief profanity. They are not vulgar or vile, and while I do not approve of profanity, the movie is based on the real-life story of Ricky Hill and his journey of overcoming a disability to play Major League Baseball. It is difficult to watch any movie without hearing some language. The storyline is moving, inspirational, and carries a great message. Ricky Hill’s testimony is all about pointing people to Jesus as you will clearly hear. If you should have any concerns, please be aware of this disclaimer.

Sunday, we plan to recognize our fathers during both services and to commission our Hungary mission team after the services. Six members of our church will depart on June 19th to teach the Bible in English in the town of Téglás.

The summer is off to a great start, and I know you are praying for the children and student ministries. You can learn all the details about these ministries by visiting our church’s website. Your prayers, participation, and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Continue to pray about our plans for 2x2 Sunday School this fall. Your Sunday school teacher will be engaging each class in discussing these plans. Remember, our focus is on the mission of our church in making disciples of Jesus Christ. Any sacrifice we make is for His glory and reaching new people.

In His love,

Pastor Rick