Watchman on the Wall

“On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen..." Isaiah 62:6

Watchman on the Wall

What is a Watchman? In the ancient world watchmen were stationed on the walls of a city with a purpose to watch for approaching enemies. They were to alert the people of the city in times of approaching danger. The gates to the city would close and the people would prepare for battle. In Isaiah 62:6, watchmen took their positions on the wall to “remind the Lord.” In other words, they were to give neither themselves nor the Lord any rest until He established His presence and power in their midst. Watchmen reminded God of His people and they reminded God’s people of God’s promises.

What is my responsibility as a Watchman? Through the Holy Spirit’s leadership and a call to the Watchman Ministry, an individual will choose one hour each week when they will pray. You are to pray at home, work or wherever you may choose to pray during this hour. After you have selected your hour and signed up your hour will be confirmed and assigned by a Watchman captain.  

I’ve often heard it said that prayer is not just preparation for the work – prayer is the main work. If this is true, all that we attempt to accomplish for God’s glory must be undergirded with prayer. Therefore, First Baptist Church Glen Rose is more dependent upon intercessors than any other single group. I’m thankful you feel called to become involved in the Watchman Prayer Ministry. 

In His service,

Pastor Rick

Watchman In-person Signup at FBC

(sign up at the Prayer Table in the Grand Hallway)


September 24 and October 1 (before and after morning worship services)


September 27 (5:30-6pm and 7-7:15pm)

Signing up for an open hour is preferred to reach the 24/7 prayer coverage goal. If this does not work, select any hour that works for your schedule. Pray at home or out of town.